The factor 3 training system is a very simple yet extremely effective workout method. It is suitable for people of any age, men and women alike. The basic premise of Factor 3 is working out 3 times per week, for 30 minutes, targeting 3 different body parts and doing 3 sets per body parts. I told you it was simple as the number 3 and this number will take your fitness levels, confidence and shape to new heights, believe me.

The key to this type of training is to avoid resting between sets so you keep you heart rate high while avoiding boring cardio sessions altogether. Check out the pictures below to get a better feel of what Factor 3 is all about.


This training is centered around your wristwatch and it's extremely important that you keep your eyes on the hourglass because your results largely depends on your capacity to train to maximum intensity in the given time frame of 30 minutes. Beware though, as you'll quickly learn, performing the workout in 30 minutes looks quite easy on paper, but i can tell you that most of the clients we have here at Fitcorp are simply unable to do it.

Why is that ? Simply because they lack the endurance and conditioning required. But Factor 3 doesn't have a steep learning curve and within a few weeks you'll be able to perform the full workout in the required time frame. It won't be easy so don't expect to cruise through it like it's a barbecue sunday party.


Factor 3 isn't made for high end athletes. It was created with the everyday fitness enthusiast needs in mind. I will break down an actual training session for you :


That's it. 3 different body parts only. You will work them separately as follows :

1. CHEST :- Bench press - Dumbbells Flies- Cables crossing lunges
2. BACK :
- Chin ups- Seated rows- Pull overs
3. LEGS :- Sumo squat (wide stance)- Lunges- Hamstrings curls

All the exercises are performed together for each particular body part. This means that for the chest, you perform the 3 exercises in a row, 3 times, much like a circuit actually. There is no pause whatsoever between the exercises though. Note that these are for example only and you could combine any typer of exercises as long as it follows the bodypart pattern.

This workout is for DAY 1 of your training. On DAY 2 you'll target smaller muscles like shoulder, biceps/triceps and calves. DAY 3 is dedicated to core workout.

So there you have it : very simple, almost elementary but yet so effective.